The music industry is very different from what it used to be and it seems it has lost some of its sparkle. Now, the problem with the industry is that a lot of people aren’t in it just for the music; they are in it to make it big and become famous and of course to earn millions per year! It is a great career but the money isn’t really what the industry was intended to be. However, there are some stars that are great but are very underrated. So, who are the three most underrated artists in the music industry of today and why are so many artists underrated?

The Underrated

  1. Sara Bareilles
  2. Gavin Degraw
  3. Jason Mraz

These are just three artists which are classed as underrated but that word isn’t used enough. The problem with today’s music is that unless you sell out arenas, you aren’t thought of as a master artist. However, these three are truly some of the best artists of today in music but are very underrated and underestimated. It’s a shame really because they have the talent and the determination to succeed.

Imagining and Fame

Why are so many musicians underrated? It’s down to imagining. Some producers and record labels look at an artist and even though they like what they hear, they think their imagine isn’t good enough to make it big. For some, it’s down to looks and for others, it’s because their past hasn’t been the best. It’s not always fair in the game because there are some in the music who really are not always the best people and yet they have been recognised whereas others aren’t. It’s really a game of two halves and it’s something which is raising a lot of eyebrows.

Music Producers Want a Certain Type of Star

Let’s be honest, music isn’t what it used to be. There are lots of good songs out there and lots of good singers but many of them are underestimated simply because record labels don’t think they are good enough, even though they have a strong fan base. Sometimes, producers and record companies want stars they believe can turn a simple hit into a platinum selling CD but there are many out there who have that talent. Stars are being underrated all the time and while some have made it big, some others haven’t. However, they are just as good as the others—if not better—and they have the passion and drive that many stars don’t.

Underrated Is Just the Beginning

Music certainly has changed over the years and while some changes have been for the best, not all of them have been. While there are lots of stars vying for top spot, there are a lot of good artists that are in it for passion and the sheer love of music, they are so underrated, whereas others in it for the money make it big. It’s a very strange world and it’s something which does cause a lot of concern for many amongst the music industry.

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