The music industry is very different from what it used to be and it seems it has lost some of its sparkle. Now, the problem with the industry is that a lot of people aren’t in it just for the music; they are in it to make it big and become famous and of course to earn millions per year! It is a great career but the money isn’t really what the industry was intended to be. However, there are some stars that are great but are very underrated. So, who are the three most underrated artists in the music industry of today and why are so many artists underrated?

Musicians getting into the music world don’t always think about having a press kit at hand and yet it’s something which is vital to their careers. You might think press kits aren’t all that necessary until you get their first bit hit but that’s not entirely true. It might be time to think about creating a simple press kit so that you can helps to boost your sales and promote your music in a more effective manner. So, why every artist needs a press kit and how can it benefit your sales and promote your music better?